MultiFamily Loans

Apartment Building Loans Made Easy

Cambridge Capital Loan provides the same level of outstanding service to 5-unit apartment buildings in tertiary markets as we do to 500-unit high rises in top MSAs. We give equal access to capital markets with a totally unbiased approach to electing lenders and investors. 

Permanent Financing for Apartments

Cambridge Capital Loan specializes in multifamily and apartment loans. We leverage our numerous years of experience and close relationships with top institutional investors and regional banks to offer a wide range of permanent financing options for apartments. Through our sister company Cambridge Home loan, we offer the most complete and aggressive permanent financing tools on the market including Fannie Mae Apartment Loans and Freddie Mac Apartment Loans. We also offer HUD Apartment Financing. Financing starts at just $1,000,000, with non-recourse loans up to 80% LTV or more and amortizations as long as 30 years. 

Repositioning Apartment Buildings

For repositioning and value-add acquisitions, Cambridge Capital Loan. offers aggressive bridge financing options for apartment complexes. This aggressive financing strategy offers a temporary capital solution, allowing for a restructuring of the property’s economics. At the same time, a bridge loan can simultaneously prepare the multifamily property for permanent financing or sale. Bridge loans can be structured to include capital expenses during the rehab process. Recourse financing starts at $1,000,000 and non-recourse financing starts at $5,000,000.

Apartment Property Types

Cambridge Capital Loan is poised to service any and every asset class in the multifamily housing market. We apply the same effective and aggressive financing strategies for multifamily properties like Student Housing, Senior Living Communities, Low Rise, Garden Style, Mid Rise Suburban, High Rise Urban, and Luxury Complexes in urban and suburban areas alike. We also offer custom options for Affordable Housing Communities. Some highlights of our apartment building financing include:

  • Class A, B, and C Apartment Buildings: Yesterday’s apartment buildings are where most of today’s world will be living at one point or another. As such it is important for apartment owners and developers to remain correctly capitalized and to have all of their options available. Commercial Real Estate Loans.. and work together to finance institutional-grade apartment buildings as well as older properties that need some TLC.
  • Senior Living Facilities: With the world’s growing population and shrinking availability of viable land for people to live, we have developed a special focus, via, Inc., on senior living properties. These include but not limited to assisted living, independent living, Alzheimer’s care, and more.
  • Student Housing: Via our student housing lending platform we make capital available for all levels of the capital stack. Wed do this for both existing and proposed student housing projects across the United States in small and large markets.

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Debt / Equity Structured Options To Achieve 100% Financing

For high LTV/LTC leveraged situations, we can also provide a variety of debt/equity structured financing solutions. Most projects with loan amounts over 75% LTV will require a debt/equity structure. Equity requirement varies based upon evaluated underwriting risk, and comes with a 5-year buyout option for sponsor (with a pre-determined formula). Equity is based upon loan amount – not value, for borrowers protection! We highly value the PEOPLE that are in these partnerships, so good quality experienced sponsors are a must…


Apartment Property Types 

  • Student Housing
  • Senior Living Communities
  • Low Rise / Garden Style
  • Mid Rise Suburban
  • High Rise Urban and Suburban
  • Luxury Complexes
  • Affordable Housing
  • Market-Rate Housing

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