Construction financing from the ground up

Designed for experienced builders and investors who require extensive reconstruction or new builds, now provides ground up financing for new commercial construction projects.

Our quick closing process makes it easy to close on the funding you need with rates as low as 6.5% and up to 90% LTC. Apply today and let us grow with you.


Ground-Up Construction Loans

  • No Red Tape, No Income, No Assets, No Reserves
  • Single-Family, 1-4 Units, Townhomes
  • Up To $2M With Rates Starting At 6.5%
  • 90% LTC and 75% LTARV
  • 12-24 Month Terms
  • Purchase Transactions
  • LLCs, LPs and Corporations ONLY
  • Nationwide Lending
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Commercial and Investment Real Estate Loans 

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